Wednesday, June 1, 2011

The Artist Unleashed....

or at least using less destructive tools.

We got some No Mess Crayola paper and markers from Stephanie for your birthday, and finally got the package out the other day to see how it worked.

"Explore the wonder of color using Crayola Mess-Free Color Wonder. Color Wonder is a mess- free creative system of inks and paints, developed by Crayola scientists. Color Wonder inks and paints are clear, and colors appear only on the special Color Wonder paper.


Kids love to watch the colors magically appear, and moms love the fact that Color Wonder inks and paints will not appear on skin, walls or carpet."


It still cautions however, to wash hands after using, and it MAY discolour SOME materials, so you had to be creative under momma's watchful eye. ( Never mind that in these photos, most of the stuff on the page was momma's doing, heh )

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