Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Sleepy Time Milestones

It used to leave be that I could leave you in your pack and play and after a while you would fall asleep on your own.

When you started being able to climb out of your pack and play, I would stay in the room with you to make sure you didn't go beserko and trash the room with your new found freedom.

And that got to where you would freak out and wail and bang on the door if I tried to leave.

About 10 nights ago or so I thought that it was maybe time start trying to have you fall asleep on your own again. We would read our bedtime books and i would stay for a bit and then say goodnight, give you a hug and kiss, and leave the room. So far I had only attempted that at bedtime but it seems like you are now confident enough to let me go on.

Today I tried it at nap time and it worked too! I kept an "eye" on you via the baby monitor. You sang some songs and "read" some of your books and then promptly fell asleep...


Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Master and Commander

Kinda looks like Kirk's Command Control Chair thingy with food, drinks and entertainnment right there at your fingertips.


McDonald's aka Big Yellow M

It's quite the "ritual" now, that on Saturdays we go have lunch with Grandad at McDonald's and when you are done eating, we go out to their enclosed outdoor area for you to romp amidst the flora and fauna that make up that little "ecosystem". Usually you like to go around gathering the little rocks and sticks and leaves.


Last week, we made a little Rock Creature that looked a little like Piglet from the Winnie The Pooh series.


Pretty cool stuff. :)

Monday, July 25, 2011



About a month ago, you started saying your own name when we asked you what your name was, except it sounds like "JackHen Woooo" :P


Now when I ask you what MY name is, you go, "Wetty Woooo" and start giggling :)


About a month ago, you started saying "Wy" for "Y" and not "Yay". LOL
And a couple of days ago, you started saying "Z" as "Zee" and not "Zhhhhh".

Thursday, July 21, 2011

"Mama, Puzzle Wet"

You might not know it by looking at these photos,


but we've just had a couple of days of having to change sheets and clothes as well as cleaning carpets, tabletops and sinks as well as depleting paper towels and diaper supplies at a slightly increased rate.

You also had a very mild cough and a low grade fever, but your nose is/was pretty leaky.

It always amazes me how throwing up doesn't seem to faze you much, hence when you threw up your juice and couple of crackers all over the puzzles you were doing, you looked at your hands, and kinda went, "eh, what's all this stuff?", and continued on trying to do the puzzles. At one point you went, "Mama, puzzle wet".

No kidding.

I'm keeping my fingers crossed as it seems like the throwing up has stopped since after your long nap yesterday, and you seem to be keeping this morning's breakfast in. I'm not sure about the other end, though. But you're in good spirits with no fever in sight, so we're happy. :)


Monday, July 18, 2011

Color my Water World

We've established that you love bath time.


So how do we make it even MORE fun?

Why, have different colored bath water every day!


Oh what the heck, let's have a rainbow in our bath!


Saturday, July 16, 2011

Attack of the Ever Encroaching Plants

They were having closeouts in the plants department over at Lowe's the other day, and when it came time to bring them home, we discovered we got a few more plants than space in the back.

So we had to use the passenger seats.

At first it looked like you were trying to be cool with the whole situation,


but then the corners of your mouth started to droop and your eyes started to scrunch up


And then you started whining


which then turned into full fledged wails.


Poor baby :)

Our Many Adventures in Dollar Tree

Man, Dollar Tree is quite da bomb. :)


My First Popsicle

Oooooooo Yum


Friday, July 15, 2011


You're wanting to do things by yourself more and more these days.

You've always wanted to be independent, but these days, if I try to help you do something, you "undo" the help and then attempt it again yourself.

It could be anything at all, like turning a page, or picking up a dropped toy, or even putting a puzzle piece in its place.

When we were at Fort Imagination over a week ago, you were eager to try everything out on your own.

Like climbing OVER this beam, for example.


Daddy tried to help you out by giving you a little boost, but you would say, "No, daddy, no", UNCLIMB it, and then try again, always making sure daddy's not helping out..


Once you were successful, you were off to the next challenge..

Which was traversing this bridge thingy. Once again, you wanted no help. We were close by enough to do something in case you lost your footing or hold, of course.



The one thing you loved doing over and over was the slide. You wanted to climb up to the slide yourself, but wanted us to be at the bottom to catch you too :)


And your victory yell is "HURRAY, I DID IT!!!"

Thursday, July 7, 2011

There was a farmer had a dog

This is Donny the Dachshund


He is a "bath scrubbie", for lack of a better term.

We got him for you at Walmart the other day.

When we got home, you asked for it and here's the conversation that followed.

Jaxon : ( pointing ) "Duggie! Duggie!"
Momma : ( handing Donny over to you ) "Here's your Doggie"
Jaxon : *hugs the "Duggie"*
Momma: "Does the doggie have a name, Jaxon?"
Jaxon : "Yyyyuuuup!"
Momma : "What's the doggie's name?"
Jaxon : *without hesitation* "B I N G O, Bingo!"


Digging into some Play Doh

So here you are, playing with play doh, using the bag of accessories we got in the mail the other day! You're getting pretty good with the rolling pin there, little boy :)


More Caillou

One of the things you find hilarious in the "Magnet Madness" episode is towards the end when Caillou grabs hold of his daddy's ankle and refuses to let go, and his daddy goes, "Unhand me, Magnet Man!!!" :)


Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Words of wisdoms

From Caillou's daddy...

"You may not always want to play with Rosie, but you must always be kind to her"