Thursday, July 21, 2011

"Mama, Puzzle Wet"

You might not know it by looking at these photos,


but we've just had a couple of days of having to change sheets and clothes as well as cleaning carpets, tabletops and sinks as well as depleting paper towels and diaper supplies at a slightly increased rate.

You also had a very mild cough and a low grade fever, but your nose is/was pretty leaky.

It always amazes me how throwing up doesn't seem to faze you much, hence when you threw up your juice and couple of crackers all over the puzzles you were doing, you looked at your hands, and kinda went, "eh, what's all this stuff?", and continued on trying to do the puzzles. At one point you went, "Mama, puzzle wet".

No kidding.

I'm keeping my fingers crossed as it seems like the throwing up has stopped since after your long nap yesterday, and you seem to be keeping this morning's breakfast in. I'm not sure about the other end, though. But you're in good spirits with no fever in sight, so we're happy. :)


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