Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Sleepy Time Milestones

It used to leave be that I could leave you in your pack and play and after a while you would fall asleep on your own.

When you started being able to climb out of your pack and play, I would stay in the room with you to make sure you didn't go beserko and trash the room with your new found freedom.

And that got to where you would freak out and wail and bang on the door if I tried to leave.

About 10 nights ago or so I thought that it was maybe time start trying to have you fall asleep on your own again. We would read our bedtime books and i would stay for a bit and then say goodnight, give you a hug and kiss, and leave the room. So far I had only attempted that at bedtime but it seems like you are now confident enough to let me go on.

Today I tried it at nap time and it worked too! I kept an "eye" on you via the baby monitor. You sang some songs and "read" some of your books and then promptly fell asleep...


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