Monday, October 10, 2011

You Did It !!!!!

Okay, so we have been trying to introduce the potty and encourage you to "go" in the potty.

Anyhow, we believe in not pressurizing you when it comes to this, AND the potty HAS been sitting in our play/study room for quite a few months now, just to get you acquainted with it.

You have always "agreed" to sit on the potty for a little bit, but when you need to go, you will always say, "change diaper" and then go in the diaper.


However, tonight, before your bath, ( this, with me having the background knowledge that there was a high possibility of you peeing RIGHT AFTER you got into the tub, lol ) I asked if you would go in the potty, and you DID!

We got all excited about it, and you were more than happy to comply after your bath, and again before we got ready to go to bed!


We still have a bunch of work ahead of us, but boy, what a big step THIS is. :)

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