Thursday, March 29, 2012

The PRE-Birthday Cake

Actually, I had baked a "practice cake" and accidentally broke part of it off, and so had a still-relatively-large piece of cake, which I used to practise spreading the icing and piping some decorations on :)



Of course, when you saw it, you immediately claimed it as yours, seeing how "J is for Jaxon!!!!" :)

Things you have said/done the past couple of weeks

"Beautiful mummy!" I mean, seriously, who could resist a little boy who thinks that his mummy is beautiful, when she has had a complex and issues her whole life about the way she looks?

"You look nice, mummy!" when I was trying on new frames for my lenses ( from the frame that died/broke )

"Grandad" instead of "Gran Gran" several times

Mummy : "Okay little boy, it's time for bed"
Jaxon : "Don't go, mummy"
Mummy : "But I have stuff to put away and also help daddy with something"
Jaxon : "But mummy, I need you. I need you VERY much"

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