Tuesday, March 13, 2012

... Speaking of #2...

Okay, so I have decided to continue with the "underwear only, with no diapers" trial when we are at home ( but not during naps/bed time or at Grandad's house ).


We went outside a couple of times today to play and get some gardening done, and both times, you wet your underwear, pants and of course, shoes. But we didn't worry about it too much. I mean, we are trying not to make you feel too pressured, and it DOES seem like you ARE more aware of the potty training.

This evening, after dinner, you were watching a video on the computer while I was bringing some things out to the car to bring to Grandad's house. I come in the house, and you run towards me, without your underwear on, going, "MUMMY! There's Poo Poo in the Froggy Potty!"


I keep the froggy potty in the playroom to help us while we are doing this, so that there is an easily accessible potty for you, that you don't have to step-stool onto and all like that.

Anyway, I walk into the playroom, and you are standing over the froggy potty, pointing into it.


And lo and behold, there, in the froggy potty, was exactly what you had said would be in it! I was so excited, we started dancing and singing with lots of praises.

For 3 seconds, I contemplated leaving it in the potty for daddy to see, but then I thought I'd spare him that visual :)

We're so proud of you, little boy :)

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