Monday, March 12, 2012

Stop the Press!

Potty Training Breakthrough Alert!

We started potty training when you turned about 2 1/2 years old, as per Dr. Wiley's advice. Since then, you've gone from not wanting anything to do with the potty, to pottying in both bathrooms, in the frog potty in your play room, and of course, at Grandad's house!

Problem is, you would comply when I suggested we go "pee pee", but you would never volunteer to, even after I told you time and again to let me know when you needed to go. A few times a day, I would check on your diaper, only to find it wet again.


Yesterday, I let you go without your diaper, and put on some of your Thomas the Train underwear, which you were tickled to have on. I then told you that you didn't have your diaper on, and that you were to tell me if you needed to go.

Well, later on, I was in the kitchen cooking, when you came in and told me, "Mummy, I pee pee'd in my underwear and on the floor!"

I went to the play room, and saw a puddle on the carpet protector thingy that my chair was sitting on. ( Thank Goodness it wasn't on the carpet!). After cleaning it and YOU up, I changed your underwear and didn't put another diaper on.

A couple of hours later, you come to me and say, "Mummy! I need to put on a diaper!", which was preschooler-speak for "I need to go potty". So we took your underwear off, sat on the potty, and lo and behold, you DID need to go. :)

Today, we tried the no diaper tack again, and it seems like you remembered and did not want to get yourself all wet again.

I was cooking, and you walked out without your underwear, and announced, "Mummy, I "pee pee"d in the potty!!"

We go check the potty, and lo and behold, you had done your first self-directed tinkling in the potty


We'll try to continue this method if it continues to work and see if we can make any more progress... especially with #2.

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