Tuesday, April 24, 2012

I call this one...

"The Accidental Blair Witch Photo"


Although, being scared is no joke.

You have been going to sleep by yourself with the lights off at night for a while now.  At times, you even demand that the lights be turned off.  However, there is a "ceiling" nightlight of the Moon and stars, and the alarm clock projects the time onto the ceiling... as well as there being light from the DVD player that plays your "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star" sleepy-time music.  You still want a few toys around you, and you insist on "hiding" under the pillow or a blanket, but usually we would come in to check later, and you would be soundly asleep.

Last night, however, I came in after, maybe half an hour or 45 minutes, ( through the bathroom entrance ), and you were in the bathroom, laying on the rug in front of the sink/counter.  You quickly got up, and said, "Oh, sorry, mummy, I was scared." I speculated that you had come into the bathroom because it was brighter in there, from the dangly Christmas lights I had strung, which framed the mirror/medicine cabinet.

Anyway, that just stabbed me right in the heart that our baby was so scared to sleep alone in the dark(ish) room that he had to seek refuge on the rug in the brighter bathroom! *sigh*

After that, we got out Scout the dog and turned one of the lamps on, on dim, and got you in bed... and you were sleeping soundly when I checked in on you a little while later....

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