Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Away from me, you LOUD LOUD public toilets!

Lately in the last week or so, you have developed this REAL fear and aversion towards public toilets.  The culprit?  Them loud flushing noises.  I mean, what IS it about public toilets that make it to where the flushing is just over the top crazy loud?

Maybe because the acoustics are all whacked in there or something?  Well, whatever it is,  it gets you so frantic scared that most of the time now, you don't even want to go close to a public toilet.  More often than not, you end up in real tears, and keep screaming, "It's too loud, mummy! It's too loud!!!!!" and run away for dear life.  :(

After doing a little research online about this, I find out that it isn't that rare after all, and that with some time and patience, that we will be able to overcome this.

I'm so sorry it's got you this traumatised, baby :(


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