Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Grandad's Passing

Grandad passed away at around 5 pm yesterday evening.

We had been staying at Grandad's house for almost a fortnight now, helping to take care of him, and to be with him.

In the next few posts, I will post pictures of you and Grandad in these last weeks of his life, when you were around Grandad all day and night.  He loved telling anyone who came by, how he delighted in hearing you playing and laughing, and running around the house.  It gave him immeasurable pleasure even though he couldn't get out of bed to play with you.  

He loved you immensely and you brought him so much joy and pride.

You were napping in Grandad's bedroom, where we have been sleeping at night, when Grandad passed.  You woke up before the nurse from Hospice as well as the gentleman from the funeral home arrived, and we quickly ushered you into Grandad's office, which you have claimed as your personal play room.

After almost all the visitors had gone, and after the hospital supply guy had come and gotten all the equipment out of the house, you came out of the office and asked me, "Mummy, where is Grandad?".  I told you that he had gone to see Granny Franny, to which you replied, "But mummy, Grandad can't go, he's not feeling well!".

Anyway, I told you that Grandad was all better now and no longer sick, to which you shouted, "Yay! Grandad's not sick anymore!"

You are such the sweet sweet boy who loved Grandad "THIS much!" :) and I will do my best to help you keep your memories of Grandad alive.

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