Friday, August 10, 2012

Learn and Play

Just recapping a little bit of what we've been doing...

We continue to do our alphabet, and related activities... not so much knowing the alphabet, since you have known your ABCs, numbers and colors since you were 18 months or so.. but this time around, more comprehension, (pre) writing and other skills.


We've been using the tablet to watch a bunch of old school classic Sesame Street shorts/clips on Youtube, related to the things that we are doing that week etc,


and after watching The E Song again, you have decided you liked eggs again.  You loved them a while back, and then somehow lost interest, but have started requesting eggs again after watching the video.


You got to  play with paints the other day, and did a bunch of finger painting


and painting on the cut end of a napa cabbage to do some stamping with...


and then of course, it turned into  "what can I do with this stump and my paints?"


and for the grand finale, you of course, once again, threatened to eat the paint. LOL


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