Thursday, September 20, 2012

All the more reason to love Bath Time

Our house is very small. And so, some things got stored in Mummy and Daddy's "big" bathtub for a while.  I know, weird place, right? Oh well, that's how small our house is. : P

ANYWAY, it is a bigger bathroom than the "guest" bathroom that you had been taking baths in since you were a baby, and it has a WINDOW! Yes, I love natural light in the bathroom. It allows for plants, and plants in any room always makes things nicer.


You have always loved bath time, and now, there's the extra fun of MIRRORS and a bigger tub to splash in with your umpteen duckies!




"Look, Mummy! There's FOUR Jaxons! Hi Jaxon!!!!!"

AND it's much cheerier, in my opinion :)

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