Thursday, September 6, 2012

Mash Up

I've all these photos and collages collected up for different posts, but I think I'm just going to try and fit them all into one post right here.

Let's see if I can organize my thoughts here...

Okay, so we have you playing.. which is actually some sort of "work" under the guise of play, but hey, isn't that how we learn the best?

We have these geometric shapes that we've used on and off, ( disregard the hot air balloon thingy in the photo above - mummy did that. LOL ), but you surprised me by putting different shapes together to make hexagons and whatnot!

Then you decided to build a fence with the green triangles and then hid the shapes in your PJs when you thought I wasn't looking. You were sooo busted. LOL

We were doing the letter J among other things, and for one of our crafts, you thought you wanted to make a picture of a clown JUGGLING rainbow colored balls. 

We got these Sesame Street numbers memory matching game/flash cards at dittos a while ago, and you enjoyed the game, raising your arms triumphantly each time a match was made.

Also, you are getting more and more interested in dress-up, and maybe that'll ease us into trying to figure out what to get you for Halloween!

This is you doing your Buzz Lightyear puzzle, with what was supposed to have been MY Halloween mask from some years ago.  It got "lost" in the little house/store house and when it finally got unearthed, you claimed it for your own. 

Here you are, asking to be Super Jaxon.  I got an old sheet protector thingy that we used when you were a baby, and tied it loosely  around your shoulders, and you proceeded to do all your superhero er, heroics in full caped capacity.

In this one, we were at Dollar Tree, and they had all the Halloween costumes on display. I asked if I could take a picture of you in your cowboy hat, and you said, "Wait, Mummy!" and went over to the flowers and grabbed a bunch before posing for your photos :)

There is seldom any activity, no matter how simple, that you don't just dive into with enthusiasm :)
Even shapes cut out of cheap dollar tree foam sheets provide lots of bath time fun :)


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