Monday, October 1, 2012

The Little Dynamo

Children have such endless supplies of energy, and you are no exception.  Sometimes, when we are out, we will try to stop by the playground if we can.  ( Because we know that all that energy might go into bouncing off the walls at home! ).


You want so much to play over at the "big kids" area at Fort Phantom, but we try to keep you over at the 5 & under play area for your own safety.




You are often happy to play by yourself, but if you spy some other child in the area, you usually try to strike up a conversation or try to go play with them.


 Sometimes the children are either too shy to play with you or too engrossed with their own thing, but you always try, nevertheless, to be friends.



The little boy you tried to play with this time wandered off to do his own thing with his daddy, and you too, settled in to playing by yourself again.




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