Thursday, December 6, 2012

The Lounger

It's wonderful to see you when your imagination takes you to all these far away lands and the stories you can come up with when you are there :)


See that little face staring at the "square" orange block in the collage above?  That's the disappointment of a little 3 year old that there are not enough "round" orange blocks to complete your masterpiece with. :)

Also, it had been a while since we played with them, so we got out some of the puzzles that Mamo got you last Christmas. ( I think... )


Why the picture of "When Vera was Sick"? Well, we have this story book, and when anyone in Vera's house gets sick, they get to have the "Kitty", the special soft pillow with arms.


Well, in OUR house, we don't have to be sick to get the special "armed" pillow. We just need to be a little boy who has played hard and wants to lounge around watching his shows :) And you love your little red armed pillow.


Yes, it is also a place for extreme silliness.


But you know what I like best? When you love your Mama so much that you leave the comfy armed pillow and come squeeze in with her on her chair :)


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