Saturday, May 19, 2012

The Cotton Candy Experience

Hey, you  had your first taste of Cotton Candy last week! We were at Golden Corral ( 3 and under eat free!  LOL ) and you spied some people at 2 different tables having this exotic looking food, and of course, immediately asked for some. :P


Daddy showed you how to squish it into a little ball before you ate it. Heh heh. You ate like 4 bites of it, and probably decided that it was too sweet or something, because when we left, and there was still pretty much 80% of it left on the stick/cone thingy, you did NOT protest. :)

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Away from me, you LOUD LOUD public toilets!

Lately in the last week or so, you have developed this REAL fear and aversion towards public toilets.  The culprit?  Them loud flushing noises.  I mean, what IS it about public toilets that make it to where the flushing is just over the top crazy loud?

Maybe because the acoustics are all whacked in there or something?  Well, whatever it is,  it gets you so frantic scared that most of the time now, you don't even want to go close to a public toilet.  More often than not, you end up in real tears, and keep screaming, "It's too loud, mummy! It's too loud!!!!!" and run away for dear life.  :(

After doing a little research online about this, I find out that it isn't that rare after all, and that with some time and patience, that we will be able to overcome this.

I'm so sorry it's got you this traumatised, baby :(


Monday, May 14, 2012


Before this, when you asked me where Grandad was, I would say that he had gone to see Granny Frannie.  Well, yesterday morning, you walked out of the bedroom after waking up and asked.....

Jaxon : "Where is Grandad? Where is Grandad's bed?"
Me : "Grandad is with Granny Frannie"
Jaxon : "Why is Grandad with Granny Frannie?"
Me : "Because they are best friends."
Jaxon : "But Grandad is MY best friend!!"

*hugs, little boy*

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Grandad's Passing

Grandad passed away at around 5 pm yesterday evening.

We had been staying at Grandad's house for almost a fortnight now, helping to take care of him, and to be with him.

In the next few posts, I will post pictures of you and Grandad in these last weeks of his life, when you were around Grandad all day and night.  He loved telling anyone who came by, how he delighted in hearing you playing and laughing, and running around the house.  It gave him immeasurable pleasure even though he couldn't get out of bed to play with you.  

He loved you immensely and you brought him so much joy and pride.

You were napping in Grandad's bedroom, where we have been sleeping at night, when Grandad passed.  You woke up before the nurse from Hospice as well as the gentleman from the funeral home arrived, and we quickly ushered you into Grandad's office, which you have claimed as your personal play room.

After almost all the visitors had gone, and after the hospital supply guy had come and gotten all the equipment out of the house, you came out of the office and asked me, "Mummy, where is Grandad?".  I told you that he had gone to see Granny Franny, to which you replied, "But mummy, Grandad can't go, he's not feeling well!".

Anyway, I told you that Grandad was all better now and no longer sick, to which you shouted, "Yay! Grandad's not sick anymore!"

You are such the sweet sweet boy who loved Grandad "THIS much!" :) and I will do my best to help you keep your memories of Grandad alive.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Look at me, Mummy!

One day, you took one of my craft containers and put it on your back, and came running out to me, saying, "Mummy, help me be a turtle!"

And so, I got one of our ultra humongaloid rubber bands and tied it around your chest while you beamed and crawled around proudly. LOL.


Oh, and another time, I come in to check on you to see if you had fallen asleep for nap time, and you're in the bathroom with a night time diaper on your head, going, "Look, mummy, I'm diaper head!"


Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Quote of the Day

' Daddy, come look at all this silliness! '

I mean, 'silliness' ?????? What grammar for a barely-three year old.