Tuesday, February 26, 2013

A Keen Eye

You're always asking if you can get a piece of paper from the printer to draw on, and I always say, "of course".

Yesterday I asked you if you could draw a man, but didn't prompt or guide any further.  This is what you drew.

 photo e9de9852-da54-4f48-b55a-f24a0250a91f_zps444c853b.jpg

Of course, you had to add silliness by giving daddy some piggy ears and a tail :)

So you decided to draw ANOTHER picture. This time, of you AND mommy, as Angry Birds. :)

 photo 07fab5fa-9651-4b3b-88d3-f8c7d35a99d5_zpsf8e385e9.jpg

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