Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Toilet Paper Magic

 photo toiletani_zps0e496826.gifIt's almost like you have a fear of the toilet paper roll running out - I guess it had happened to you a time or two - that whenever the roll seems like it is almost depleted, you will tell me, so that I would change it out for a new one or something. 

You never made a big deal about it, because usually, I'd just reach for a new one from under the sink - YOU even know where it is, by now - and pop in the new one.

Yesterday, you reminded me again in the morning to put out a new roll, but as I was busy doing something else, I kinda mumbled, "okay, i'll do it later" and went off to bring the dogs out or something.  During the course of the day, before we went out to town, I put a new roll up.

When we got home, you had to go to the bathroom, and I hear this excited shout..

"MUMMY! The toilet paper is puffed up again! How did it DO that???" :)

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