Monday, April 29, 2013

Do you know the Cookie Man

We are reading the books that are recommended by BFIAR, and a few weeks ago, we did Corduroy.  One of the  things that I saw on Pinterest that other mothers/educators were doing to tie in to the book was making Button Cookies.  We had some Ginger Bread Cookie mix in the house, and so we donned on your Chef's hat and got you working on some baking :)

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Thursday, April 25, 2013

Well Child Visit

We were at the doctor's office a couple of days ago for your 4 yr old well child visit with Dr. Wiley.

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Don,t I look tough with them shades and Angry Birds er, temporary Tattoos :P

I had told you the night before that we were doing that, and so you weren't too anxious or anything.   The visit went well enough.... you weighed in at 45lbs ( 95th percentile ) and measured 43 3/4 inches in height ( 97th percentile ).

I mean, look this one screen capture.  You're OFF THE CHARTS! lol

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However, at the end of the visit, when you found that you had to have shots, you were quite apprehensive.  It didn't make things any better that you had to lay down with me holding your arms and hugging you to me while some strange ( well, you know what I mean ) lady poked you THREE times with a needle.


You wailed for less than a minute, and when I told you how brave you were, you tearfully shook your head and said, "No, mummy, I wasn't brave. I cried."

Awwwww... I then told you that you WERE brave, because even after being told that you needed your shots, you didn't bail or run away screaming or anything like that.  Yes, you were anxious and scared, but you were still very brave :).

When we were getting you ready to go to bed that night, you were a little tearful remembering the day's events, and said, "Mummy, I don't like going to the barber shop. I don't want to go to the barber shop again."

I think this was because you were still thinking about the "Small Potatoes" video we had watched while at the doctor's waiting room.

I was going, "Er, do you mean the doctor's office?".  You giggled a little and said, "Oh yeah, the doctor's office."

We love you, little boy, and are glad that you are growing big and strong and yet remain the sweetest little boy ever. :)

Thursday, April 18, 2013

"Mommy, What kind of Food Monster is this?"

Oh, the stress of having to produce AND name Food Monsters for just about every meal - but especially breakfast.

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Friday, April 5, 2013

I haven't posted your "school work" in a while, but we have still been spending a few days a week brushing up on various skills and what not.  You are so enthusiastic about learning, and are such a quick learner at that, that I have to remind myself to not push you so hard, because you just only turned 4, after all :)

Thank goodness that at the moment, you find our little learning sessions fun and look forward to them.

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We got this King Pig pen a while ago, and now you brandish it with such flourish :P

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Thursday, April 4, 2013

Birthday Post UP!

Click HERE to go to the main blog for details, m'boy :)

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Monday, April 1, 2013

These shots are from a few weeks ago, before the ladybugs came back, along with the flowers,

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 but it shows that the cold weather can't keep a little boy from exploring and loving the out of doors. :)

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Happy (belated - at least blogging-wise ) Birthday Baby :)

Someone no longer has to show 3 fingers for his age, and then say he'll be 4 in a few days or whatever.. :)

We had 3 different birthday celebration for you - well, sort of - and I'll be posting those pics when I can.  Till then, we love you more and more every day, our FOUR YEAR OLD!

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Peek-a-Boo! Look who's 4 now!