Monday, April 1, 2013

These shots are from a few weeks ago, before the ladybugs came back, along with the flowers,

  photo 71727339-5bbe-498b-8fef-92143723dbe4_zps40fbdb12.jpg

 but it shows that the cold weather can't keep a little boy from exploring and loving the out of doors. :)

 photo ff95afb8-cd6d-4724-9f00-7f2aa6cedb03_zpsb0fbac7f.jpg

 photo a44d6e7d-48b7-4d44-a64b-2a55fa3d227a_zpsbbb853ff.jpg 

 photo dea9138f-805d-425a-b52d-c200c8e46c0a_zps37ab07d3.jpg

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