Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Every day Jaxon

You have quite the flair for imagining and coming up with stories.

One day you got a paper towel roll and pretended you were a pirate captain "on the high seas" and "sailing the seven seas" and what not, with a bunch of "Ahoy mateys" and "shiver me timbers" thrown in. :)

Of course, Pink Bird had to get in on the act as well :)

 photo d196d56b-3c3b-49c9-b8e1-549c9b4bd155_zpse29d14c0.jpg

 photo 934766e5-d98f-4006-80e0-1d71b71d3180_zps94b181fd.jpg

You finally were totally exhausted from a "pretend sword fight" and collapsed, giggling onto the floor.

 photo 64a8e320-3bfb-481d-9ad1-97d509ed98c6_zps6b0176c3.jpg

Of course it took no time at all for you to bounce right back to your favorite pastime of the moment, DRAWING!  Even your drawings have elaborate stories woven into them.  I have you tell me the stories so that I can write them out on the paper, so that we can always remember what a wonderful imagination you have, and what a flair for story telling! And ART!

  photo 5ad87cab-b141-4840-a3da-e9e513dce743_zps12a14e87.jpg

and it's always better when you have an audience :)

 photo 03713a35-5c42-4d60-8079-9172e42e4fa7_zpsc5cb575c.jpg

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Ayuni Ayatillah said...

Hi Letti! Awwww Jaxon looks so much like you as he grows up! And handsome too!