Sunday, July 7, 2013

Of Jokes and Magic Tricks

You are driving us a little batty with your crazy knock knock jokes :)

I think you were a little unclear of the concept, because the conversation would go as such :

Jaxon : Knock Knock
Mum : Who's there?
Jaxon : Shinga
Mum : Shinga Who?
Jaxon : Shinga who lives on a shoe! Get it??? *laughs hysterically*


Every knock knock joke you would tell would end up with the person living in a shoe, on a shoe and anything else you could think of, with a shoe. I mean, it was driving me nuts! LOL

Then I thought I would introduce you to the actual concept of knock knock jokes, and after consulting a few websites, made you laugh even more hysterically when you finally GOT it. :)

Now you have a repertoire of knock knock jokes under your belt, some of which are

1. Atish = Atishoo! = Bless you
2. Cowsgo = Cowsgo who? = Cows don't go who, they go moo!
3. Boo = Boo Who? = Aw, don't cry!
4. Who = Who Who? = Hey you sound like an owl~
5. Yoo = Yoo Who? = Yes?
6. Alittleoldlady = Alittleoldlady who? = Hey, I didn't know you could yodel!

  photo knock-joke-who-there-the-funny_zps76c318c2.jpg

and a few more I can't remember for now :) And yes, you have been practising and practising them :)

Another thing you have been doing, is your special magic trick, which involves making food disappear... by eating them. LOL!

Here's the video's link.

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