Saturday, August 31, 2013


I still can't believe we're "homeschooling".  It just seems so surreal.  We've been doing things together and learning since you were a little boy. Well, a LITTLER boy.  Only now, it's a mite more "structured".

 photo 236fbfdf-f67a-4a0a-8d45-89f42d21b904_zpsfc37e94d.jpg

Anyway, you seem to enjoy school, and just today, said to me, "Mummy, we don't go to "regular school", we go to "home school".  :)

 photo a10bfcd9-41bc-4030-9e0a-fa0c767985cf_zpsdd9ff54c.jpg

You must have heard that mentioned a few times when people would ask us how old you were, and if you were in school.

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( This is beside the point, but sometimes I wonder why people ask.  Are they genuinely interested, or do we look like parents who would neglect a child's education or something?? ).

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ANYWAY, last week we did / "rowed" Madeline, and learned a few simple French greetings.  You could remember right away, "Bonjour" and "Merci", but had a little bit of trouble with "S'il vous plait".  So, when suddenly out of the blue, you said, "s'il vous plait" one week later, as we were getting ready to go to bed, I was floored. :)

  photo cab71536-a9c8-4c7a-9660-213967cf5bc2_zps49f06ae2.jpg

  photo 0ba21b45-d9e2-42f7-9689-901185b44954_zps6e863708.jpg

This week we have been reading "The Rag Coat", and one of the lessons the little girl's daddy teaches her, is that "People only need people, nothing else".  After I had put you to bed last night, and done all the "bao bao kisses" and what not, I retreated back to my room.   I then hear a little voice peeping at me, "Mummy, can you come lay down with me?".  I tell you, "no, but I'm right here where you can see me".  What you said next almost cracked me up.  You go, "But mummy, you said people need people and I need you to come lay down with me!". :)

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Your first sleepover

Somehow, somewhere, someone mentioned "sleepover" :P

To make a long story short,Cindy came over to spend a the afternoon and then, night with us ( you ), in the RV, to your utter delight  :)

 photo 19634f7e-e8ac-4a80-8012-cdab9e0fc726_zps93b92cd7.jpg

She even went with us on our evening walk with the dogs after a dinner of mummy's version of Taco Bell's Cantina Bowl.

 photo 43fb6ac2-3a7f-41ed-b7d8-f6cf01a101a8_zps8b8bbe21.jpg

 photo 5a6e191a-6ebe-4f0b-9223-97f12b73ca65_zpsc20bcbf1.jpg

 photo dd81e6b3-6d16-41d5-aecb-3cdef68a6bad_zps3104708d.jpg

You enjoyed yourself so much, it wasn't long before you were asking, "When is Cindy coming over for a sleepover again??"

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Kinectimals Revisited

When we first got the Kinect last Christmas, you were mainly interested in doing the Pixar Adventures and the Kinect Adventures - I'm guessing it's because they have a lot of very physical activities and you could jump and flail to your heart's content.

Then we went through a period when you really wanted to do the Disneyland Adventures a lot.

Suddenly a week ago, you picked up the Kinectimals disc and said that you wanted to do THAT one.  When we first got that months ago, you weren't really interested in it, but this time around, you thought it was hilarious! You did the Panda adventure, and were rolling around on the floor laughing at the little Panda's antics.  You have adopted him as your virtual pet, and named him "Pandy", and can't wait to play with him every day.

 photo Current-Folder_zps06fadb42.jpg

Before you went to bed tonight, you reminded me - "Mommy, remember, you said I could play with Pandy in the morning..." :)

Saturday, August 10, 2013

A Pretend Birthday Party

On Thursday, you suddenly announced that the next day would be Pooh Bear's birthday.  And that we were supposed to have a party with treats and presents and games.  AND it was supposed to be a surprise birthday party, and so we were not to let Pooh Bear in on it.


Then yesterday, you reminded me again in the morning that it was Pooh Bear's birthday, and that we should make the necessary arrangements for the party later. :)

So, I made some cupcakes in the afternoon, and after dinner, we started to get ready for the party, and got all his little friends together.  Pooh Bear had to be hidden in the room so that he would find out about the surprise.

You said that you would distract Pooh Bear/keep him occupied while I got everything together. :)

Poor Pooh was made to close his eyes as we made our way to the room :)

 photo DSC_0165_zps65ba0d85.jpg

When we yelled "SURPRISE!", you were so excited, you dropped him. LOL. That was too funny. :)

 photo DSC_0169_zps89380e9c.jpg

Thank goodness he didn't get a concussion or anything.

Of course, being the guest of honor, he had to have a lei. ( Mummy was in short supply of party hats, but we had a lei handy )

 photo Current-Folder-002_zpsf30ece7d.jpg

You handed out cupcakes and poured the "drinks", which I am told, Pooh pretended to eat and drink. You were quite the gracious host :)

 photo Current-Folder-001_zpsd208c7e2.jpg

And then it was time to pin the tail on the Angry Bird :)

 photo Current-Folder-003_zps10fbc936.jpg

You helped Pooh ( and all the other guests ) with his ( their ) turn(s).

 photo Current-Folder-004_zpsfc1e44aa.jpg

Of course, there was a lot of cracking up and rolling on the floor laughing when the tail ended up in silly places :)

 photo DSC_0201_zpsa73377f9.jpg

You enjoyed the pretend party tremendously, and I am glad that we were able to pull it off on such short notice. LOL!

Monday, August 5, 2013

The Cake Pop Fiend

You are always asking to go to Starbucks whenever we go to HEB, as it is just next door.  It's not like you love hanging out there, or that you drink coffee at all, but rather, you are in love with their cake pops :)

So, when we bought a "Brownie Pop" kit from Walmart, you were all excited to help me make ( and eat ) them :)

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