Saturday, August 10, 2013

A Pretend Birthday Party

On Thursday, you suddenly announced that the next day would be Pooh Bear's birthday.  And that we were supposed to have a party with treats and presents and games.  AND it was supposed to be a surprise birthday party, and so we were not to let Pooh Bear in on it.


Then yesterday, you reminded me again in the morning that it was Pooh Bear's birthday, and that we should make the necessary arrangements for the party later. :)

So, I made some cupcakes in the afternoon, and after dinner, we started to get ready for the party, and got all his little friends together.  Pooh Bear had to be hidden in the room so that he would find out about the surprise.

You said that you would distract Pooh Bear/keep him occupied while I got everything together. :)

Poor Pooh was made to close his eyes as we made our way to the room :)

 photo DSC_0165_zps65ba0d85.jpg

When we yelled "SURPRISE!", you were so excited, you dropped him. LOL. That was too funny. :)

 photo DSC_0169_zps89380e9c.jpg

Thank goodness he didn't get a concussion or anything.

Of course, being the guest of honor, he had to have a lei. ( Mummy was in short supply of party hats, but we had a lei handy )

 photo Current-Folder-002_zpsf30ece7d.jpg

You handed out cupcakes and poured the "drinks", which I am told, Pooh pretended to eat and drink. You were quite the gracious host :)

 photo Current-Folder-001_zpsd208c7e2.jpg

And then it was time to pin the tail on the Angry Bird :)

 photo Current-Folder-003_zps10fbc936.jpg

You helped Pooh ( and all the other guests ) with his ( their ) turn(s).

 photo Current-Folder-004_zpsfc1e44aa.jpg

Of course, there was a lot of cracking up and rolling on the floor laughing when the tail ended up in silly places :)

 photo DSC_0201_zpsa73377f9.jpg

You enjoyed the pretend party tremendously, and I am glad that we were able to pull it off on such short notice. LOL!

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