Saturday, September 28, 2013

Expanding the Mind

We got you a Magnaform set earlier in the month, and you have been getting more and more creative with the set. :)

  photo a0aad14d-b1f2-414e-bef0-3a193796c3c8_zpse245092e.jpg

 photo 4451c00d-eae8-4b75-8376-239db9d0859f_zpscf6e8d23.jpg

You are always working with them, and insisting on surprising me with ingenious little works of art/creativity that get a little more intricately designed with each passing day.

 photo a25a089f-175a-4ad2-95bb-f850cec8dff0_zpsc21d38d7.jpg

 photo 445af2d7-38f6-42a5-a754-bc06c5f38e4a_zpsee2f08f4.jpg

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