Sunday, September 15, 2013

Fall is here again..

Not officially, but still,

the kids are back in school
( this isn't a pic of you going to school, but of your Angry Birds backpack at church, which though seemingly larger than a little boy could carry, only had a stuffed moose and some crayons in it :)

 photo 3be345c3-6fbf-48be-b70c-a6c82dc5c0c8_zpsc3c38e5f.jpg

.. and..


Man, you had been waiting all summer long, and each time we passed ACU, you would ask, "Mummy, is summer over? Is it autumn yet?", and all because we had told you that the Bean was closed for the summer, and would only reopen in the fall :)

ANYWAY, the first opportunity we had, we had lunch there, much to your delight :) Not only do you love the food ( and especially the ice cream at the end ), but you also love being able to roam pretty freely and us not freak out about cars and the like :)

 photo 33a63ffd-ff22-4e1c-9f41-74eaca182b9b_zpsc92b14e0.jpg

 photo 45fbc323-ebb9-460d-8717-ddec1ad70680_zps163f73f0.jpg

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