Saturday, October 12, 2013


We've been trying out the "writing aid" we got recently and it is really easy to use.

 photo 37dba465-28b8-4de0-a883-69ed7926848c_zps09f44040.jpg

I try to gently nudge you to "pinching" your pencil with thumb and index finger, without being too pushy...

 photo d0d77588-ced8-4dc4-9786-683fe4d26727_zpsff30e90d.jpg

We also got some chalk pastel for school, and got to use them when we read "Night of the moonjellies".
You LOVED using the chalk, and when I showed you a little bit about shading/blending, you were at it like a little pro. :)

 photo 12ad6bf4-884d-4c33-acd1-50269ab8a615_zpseaab734e.jpg

 photo 1c3a5c85-fa9d-4c33-a2cf-2d3e52cc055c_zps7d2de87e.jpg

You were so enamored that you went ahead and made a bunch more drawings, every one of which, had a story :)

 photo 4281d5d2-f974-48e2-b5a8-5a82ad69c69d_zps0971eb91.jpg

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