Thursday, October 10, 2013

Happiness is Playgrounds....

Even though it tugs at the heart strings to see how fast you are growing up, but it makes me proud to see your little achievements, and how you are getting stronger and more nimble and more confident...

 photo Current-Folder_zpsf820a14f.jpg

Just a few months ago, you would not have even contemplated attempting to climb up dubious looking steps :)

 photo Current-Folder2_zps6765f719.jpg

You were climbing UP the slides like a little monkey, and making me run up and down to watch you did so.

 photo Current-Folder3_zpsece05ba9.jpg

We even got to get Cindy in on the action.

 photo Current-Folder4_zps20716d04.jpg

 photo Current-Folder5_zps1a161d9c.jpg

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