Thursday, October 17, 2013

Playing Shop

A couple of weeks ago, we read "Night of the Moonjellies", and continued learning about coins. 

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One of the accompanying books we read was "Have a Good Day Cafe", and decided that we would open our own little play store at "school".

 photo 0f105345-9709-4460-99b7-bd9dec9d9c20_zpsa93d5fd7.jpg

I had set the store up while you were busy watching a video, and so you were very pleasantly surprised when I called you in, and you saw the stuff all laid out.

 photo 9d50658b-9721-435e-856e-2c7072c61643_zps98d665bf.jpg

You loved toting around the little brown grocery bag, picking out what you wanted to "purchase", and then figuring out with me how much to pay and which coins to use.  To keep it simple, we paid for the items one by one.  When we reopen the store the next time, I'm going to concentrate just on one or two denominations  at a time.

 photo a67f96b7-b7f0-4067-ba06-7c840a271038_zpsec4c3a28.jpg

We even managed to rope Daddy in on the adventure. :)  You had a grand time showing daddy "the ropes".

 photo 2c998a9d-7106-47f9-9ebc-618f83237ed8_zps2191cf6b.jpg

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