Monday, November 18, 2013

Better late than never

Aye, we still be playing catch-up with October. :)

We haven't carved a pumpkin in, oh, er, a NUMBER of years. Possibly from way before you were born. But this year, Daddy was determined that you have the opportunity to participate in the carving of a Jack O Lantern. You thought it was pretty cool :)

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Some days are still pretty warm, but most night are getting much cooler, and here you are, rockin' your PJs. LOL

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Can you believe we go to the mall like, twice in a year?  We pretty much go to Walmart for our every day needs. So, the other day, when Daddy needed to go to one of the stores at the mall, we went off and did the "fun" stuff! hehe. You even met another little 4year old boy at the indoor playground thingy, whose name was Jaxon! You thought that was really something.

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On the school front, a few weeks ago, we read "The Glorious Flight: Across the English Channel with Louis Bleriot" and had fun learning about planes, England, France, aviation etc.  We try to get what we can from the book, even if it is just for exposure at this point.

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