Sunday, December 29, 2013

Jaxon Cooketh

You love to help out when I'm baking.  You helped me with the Cranberry Relish for Thanksgiving AND for Christmas.  You would carefully wash your hands, and then help me load the good ol' fashioned hand crank food grinder, making sure your fingers are far away when there is any grinding going on.  Also, finding and sorting out the squishy cranberries was quite the delightful achievement.

 photo 3c5e534b-22d7-4e48-9164-414e9313a1d3_zpsd4e1ff97.jpg

Also, we had been reading Tomie dePaola's "Clown of God", and there was a recipe for a cookie/biscuit of some sort in there, which I thought we would try out, but with a seasonal flair/theme.

 photo DSC_0160_zps12322008.jpg

The resulting cookies weren't very pretty,

  photo 555de346-0a27-4716-ae6b-cbb66c439374_zps77ab3908.jpg

but you had fun kneading the dough, rolling it out and using the cookie cutter.... not to mention the icing part, as well as decorating with sprinkles and what not. :)

  photo 33da1f08-1908-44ef-9c6a-ea778fbc18ee_zpsdf773f6d.jpg

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