Sunday, December 29, 2013

Jaxon Speaketh, Jaxon Liketh

1.  Sometimes you are so eager to talk or sing that even while you are breathing in, you will use that intake of breath to continue talking while sucking air in. lol

2.  Overheard today in the car as we went on our excursion to the "Up-and-Down-WHEEE-Hills"
"You know, when Daddy was picking the prickly.. prickly.. prickly plums!"

The aforementioned "plums"

 photo 9b9f4e30-6b96-42e2-9096-eb898fa923ed_zps8f3ba70c.jpg

3. Favorite Christmas "Action" Phrase Of the Year..

"Santa Claus and Ho Ho Ho" 

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