Friday, March 29, 2013


It almost seems like in the last week or so, you've been trying to catch up on the terrible 2s and tantrum-y 3s as much as you can, just because you're turning 4 tomorrow. :)


Saturday, March 23, 2013

The weather has been rather crazy lately.  One day the high is in the 80's, the next it's in the 50's.  On one of the better days, we decided to head off to the lake with some sandwiches for lunch.

 photo P3070833_zps4ab3f418.jpg

 photo Jaxons-Blog_zpsa4ec6f8e.jpg

Yes, my son, you are our muse and you have had  a gazillion photographs taken of you since you were born. :)

There was a mother there, with her 2 young children, who arrived a couple of minutes after we did.  Even though you delighted in running around by yourself, you always love playing with others.

 photo P3070846_zps9de3168a.jpg

It was wonderful to see you playing with the little boy, your little conversations, the fun you were having.

 photo P3070839_zps82d9506c.jpg

The boy was a little younger than you are, and sweet little you helped him when he had wood chips on his socks, couldn't quite get his boots on, and had a little trouble getting on the rocking horse thingy :)

  photo P3070837_zpscf0a16c8.jpg

 photo P3070841_zpsea784fc5.jpg

Step by Step

When we first got the puppies, you were terrified to go near them.  You would shriek and run away when they came near you, and would hop onto the treadmill to get out of reach.  ( Jasper has since grown much bigger and hangs out ON the treadmill part of the time )

 photo fac836fd-4418-45b6-8845-aafad4f0d18a_zpsc97a278b.jpg

Since you've had to coexist with the little ones, you have learned to be more assertive and are really not afraid of them anymore.  However, Jasper's over enthusiasm at times, can be quite intimidating.  While you will still attempt to play with them now, ( especially with Jessie, who is less threatening - but oft times equally rambunctious ) when you are seated at the kitchen table, you will hoist your legs up, swivel around and place your feet on my lap, just so that the dogs wouldn't be messing with them :P

Monday, March 18, 2013

We managed to get through the twos and now the almost-over-with threes pretty much blessed with a very sweet little boy.  You certainly did not have very much of the "terrible"s and "tantrum"s that are often associated with these ages.

 photo 38d10f75-28b0-4233-a308-4710ce54e6a3_zps2a1fb347.jpg

You are often quite happy to play with the simple repertoire of toys that we have, but when we go to Max & Jet's house, you have a grand old time - and often look for some old favorites, like woody and buzz, especially when this time you brought along your current favorite, Mr. Prickle Pants :)

  photo 985d193b-b306-46d9-b4cc-b4846b08ebe1_zps990deb0a.jpg

Tempt me not, O Pastry.

I love this photo.

A little boy surrounded by pastries and other baked goodies in HEB, nibbling on an apple.

 photo 3ac0ce04-30a2-43e8-8bcc-3cc8a03edf2e_zpsb2f5a17f.jpg

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Toilet Paper Magic

 photo toiletani_zps0e496826.gifIt's almost like you have a fear of the toilet paper roll running out - I guess it had happened to you a time or two - that whenever the roll seems like it is almost depleted, you will tell me, so that I would change it out for a new one or something. 

You never made a big deal about it, because usually, I'd just reach for a new one from under the sink - YOU even know where it is, by now - and pop in the new one.

Yesterday, you reminded me again in the morning to put out a new roll, but as I was busy doing something else, I kinda mumbled, "okay, i'll do it later" and went off to bring the dogs out or something.  During the course of the day, before we went out to town, I put a new roll up.

When we got home, you had to go to the bathroom, and I hear this excited shout..

"MUMMY! The toilet paper is puffed up again! How did it DO that???" :)

Saturday, March 9, 2013

New Toys

The Dittos for Kiddos sale was over a week ago, and one of the things I got for you was a Lego Duplo set.

 photo eea85b39-aac7-45d0-a91f-a464284c7e7e_zps244fdc19.jpg

It was supposed to be a birthday present, but I couldn't wait to give it to you so that you could play with it.. there'll be other presents :P

  photo 897aa094-cf83-4228-964e-9eecc0097b1c_zps6a3bb090.jpg

You easily copied all the different designs on the tub, and then I printed out some that were online for you to follow after that.  You were pretty good at improvising the various designs as well.

 photo e48f0d84-4f1c-4e8c-9c7f-71af5480cc84_zpscb7a85f9.jpg

  photo ea90356b-0527-4816-9278-72909cecc95b_zps077c10f4.jpg 

On a different note, these last few days, you love to ask me riddles and when I get the answer right, you would tell me that I had "unlocked the next level". :) Too much Angry Birds and Bad Piggies? :)