Monday, January 27, 2014

Remembering December...

Okay, so mummy's been pretty tardy with several Xmas posts, but here are a few that slipped BACK through the cracks ...

We did a Gingerbread Village together, as well as some other seasonal crafts, which we displayed proudly in the RV. :)

 photo Malaysia1_zps6bf591f3.jpg

Of course, part of the time, you were more interested in the candy than in decorating, but I think you did a great job. I did most of the piping, and you "glued" on the decorations.

 photo Malaysia2_zps4e627581.jpg

You even got out some extra toys to complete the "Village" theme :)  We even had a frozen pond for the animals to go ice skating on. Hehe.

 photo Malaysia3_zpsf3932a8d.jpg

 On Christmas morning, you couldn't wait to open all your presents.. you were so excited you exclaimed the night before that you just would not be able to go to sleep.  Of course, 5 minutes later you were fast asleep :)

 photo Malaysia16_zps591a5984.jpg

Imagine your surprise and wonder, when you saw that Santa got you EXACTLY what you had asked for. *wink wink* - Angry Birds Toys and Books :) This year, you got some oranges and nuts in your stockings as well, just like daddy did when he was a little boy :)

 photo Malaysia17_zps1e85fb9e.jpg

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