Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Snow Day Fun

A couple of weeks ago, we had a couple of snow days... and the snow stuck and did not melt.  And of course, you were DYING to go out and play in the snow.

So, we bundled up and went out THREE TIMES! ( We would have gone out more times if YOU had been the one running the show )

So what did you run to do first?  SNOW ANGELS, of course! :)

  photo Current-Folder16_zpsa82ec6ca.jpg

Then we caught snowflakes on our tongues,

  photo Current-Folder20_zpse4136e15.jpg

And built snowcastles :)

  photo Current-Folder19_zps17a93869.jpg

 photo Blog_zps2ad8f401.jpg

And of course, pretending that you are a snow shoveling truck is always fun :)

  photo Current-Folder18_zps71bc29a1.jpg

 But you took some time off to help brush snow off the RV steps :)

  photo Current-Folder17_zps60cc5e24.jpg

Here you are, styling a different warm hat on another time out there :)

  photo Current-Folder22_zps591902ba.jpg

 photo Current-Folder21_zps553d5f52.jpg

Imaginative boy that you are, you started making impressions in the snow to make pictures :)

  photo Current-Folder23_zpsbb4aaaf4.jpg

And then we went out some more the next day :)

 photo Blog1_zps10908d44.jpg

We had been reading Beatrix Potter's work, especially Peter Rabbit, and so had been reading a book about Cottontails.  So, imagine our surprise when we found some very familiar looking animal tracks in the snow! We just HAD to go get our book and compare the tracks. How exciting! :)

It is highly unlikely that we will get anymore snow the rest of the season, but I'm glad we got some :)

Monday, February 10, 2014

Just me and the best little boy in the whole wide world.

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Pride is seeing how nicely you play with others, and how much fun you have with other kids your age whenever we're at a playground and you jump at playing with kids that you have just met, and knowing how important friends are. :)

 photo Jaxons-Blog_zps64844675.jpg

And did I mention what a big boy you are getting to be?

 photo Jaxons-Blog2_zps6a058310.jpg

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Catching up on School

We're still carrying on school work. We do the FIAR books, and discuss most of what is recommended, as adapted to your age/level, and then do some regular 3R stuff and whatnot...

In the last few weeks, we have read

The Camel that walked to France, where you were introduced to Ancient Egypt ( the camel was a present from the Pasha of Egypt to the King of France ) and we made a Pharaoh's hat and a reed boat out of straws, among other things....

 photo 28e11bac-7bc8-4d25-b1bf-2dcac72a696c_zpsaf63df9f.jpg

Then, we read Very Last First Time,

and introduced Canada,

 photo 41efb3d1-f03d-4433-8703-bb0bc8fdda51_zps9e166f9d.jpg

the Inuit culture,

 photo 56826e7f-e139-4adf-a296-73965db7ba63_zps70947be9.jpg

and Pointilism.

 photo cb2b3521-a6f3-4a3c-b537-c0c93468e599_zps6844ec1b.jpg

Next, we learned about Martin Luther King Jr.. I left out the bit about his assassination, because I didn't think you were quite ready yet. Maybe next year. We did a picture of MLK Jr, and you drew in his microphone and dots for the crowd of people listening to his speech.

 photo 82655d01-0e7e-4c3f-8169-9bcb57b642c3_zps817d6ef1.jpg

And then, of course, there was Chinese New Year. I hope you always keep dear to you this part of your heritage and learn to love and embrace it.

 photo e1f6faa2-ba5a-4913-b758-655fc26241af_zps4c830b07.jpg

We made some Chinese New Year cards for Cindy, Xiayu & Qi and their parents, and Auntie Ah Lean. We also made little "Fu" plaques for Xiayu, Qi and their parents as well.

 photo dcb1b028-0110-41ba-90c7-90869fcc6c4b_zps489cc5b4.jpg

I think you enjoy school. You certainly love learning new things. I have to always bear in mind you are only FOUR and not push you too much... maybe just enough, LOL. But to always change it up and try to keep it fresh and interesting. After all, you're still very much a little boy :)

More Adventures in Walmart

When you grow up and look back at these, you'll think that we keep bringing you to Walmart as a favorite past-time or something, O' Boy-who-loves-stuffed-animals.

 photo 48fe4f36-9bae-421e-9918-45dd8e43da8a_zps99ed552f.jpg

 photo f1cf2b7c-c478-4083-9d97-fd9c47e8238f_zps1f19d1cc.jpg