Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Snow Day Fun

A couple of weeks ago, we had a couple of snow days... and the snow stuck and did not melt.  And of course, you were DYING to go out and play in the snow.

So, we bundled up and went out THREE TIMES! ( We would have gone out more times if YOU had been the one running the show )

So what did you run to do first?  SNOW ANGELS, of course! :)

  photo Current-Folder16_zpsa82ec6ca.jpg

Then we caught snowflakes on our tongues,

  photo Current-Folder20_zpse4136e15.jpg

And built snowcastles :)

  photo Current-Folder19_zps17a93869.jpg

 photo Blog_zps2ad8f401.jpg

And of course, pretending that you are a snow shoveling truck is always fun :)

  photo Current-Folder18_zps71bc29a1.jpg

 But you took some time off to help brush snow off the RV steps :)

  photo Current-Folder17_zps60cc5e24.jpg

Here you are, styling a different warm hat on another time out there :)

  photo Current-Folder22_zps591902ba.jpg

 photo Current-Folder21_zps553d5f52.jpg

Imaginative boy that you are, you started making impressions in the snow to make pictures :)

  photo Current-Folder23_zpsbb4aaaf4.jpg

And then we went out some more the next day :)

 photo Blog1_zps10908d44.jpg

We had been reading Beatrix Potter's work, especially Peter Rabbit, and so had been reading a book about Cottontails.  So, imagine our surprise when we found some very familiar looking animal tracks in the snow! We just HAD to go get our book and compare the tracks. How exciting! :)

It is highly unlikely that we will get anymore snow the rest of the season, but I'm glad we got some :)

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