Tuesday, March 25, 2014

These would slip through the cracks....

if i were not for the fact that I do a monthly review of all photos taken to send to Kong Kong and Poh Poh..

Having lunch with Cindy and Cousin Wyatt at Sunrise

 photo c671ef20-402d-47e4-8176-b6cdcf254578_zps267f046d.jpg

Watching part of a baseball game with Piglet

 photo e56dfe0b-61b5-49c2-b7df-9b516251e70b_zps8dfe05f8.jpg

Only Cindy can push a shopping cart like this :)

 photo 9c84e70b-7bd2-4261-91d6-86a14f0daf7e_zpsa61a9544.jpg

One of your favorite past times :)

 photo a0500618-3abe-4469-bea8-03eb9bb5a81d_zps61863603.jpg

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