Saturday, April 5, 2014

Bed time conversations....

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We were putting you to bed, and I was putting the Peter Rabbit quilt over you...

Me : "Do you know who gave you this Peter Rabbit quilt blankie?"

You : "No"

Me : "It was Charles and Joy.  Joy made the blankie for you when you were a baby."

You : "Is Joy Cindy's girl?"

Me: "Charles is Cindy's son and Joy is Charles' wife."


You : "Did they get in love?"

Me :"Yes, little boy, they did."

You :"I wish when I am older I'll get in love with a girl.  I love girls. They're so sweet."

*4 minutes later *

You : "Did Charles have a girlfriend?"

Me: "Yes, Joy was his girlfriend and he married her."

You : "Oh. Okay."

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