Friday, April 4, 2014

Sweet Sweet Cousins

A few weeks ago, Allen came to visit and stay with Cindy for a week.  You had been missing your cousins and were so glad and excited when Allen came and spent time with you almost every day.

 photo Jaxons-Blog1_zpsc271f7ae.jpg

He really is a sweetheart.  Even though there is a big(ish) age difference and like that, he seems to genuinely like being with you and playing with you.   That makes me love him ( and Anastasia ) so much - for loving you, for watching out for you, and for being so sweet to a little boy.

 photo Jaxons-Blog2_zps2ac3ff03.jpg

 photo Jaxons-Blog3_zps383a1917.jpg

 photo Jaxons-Blog4_zpsc2739fab.jpg

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We are sorry he and Anastasia missed your birthday celebrations, but you are definitely excited and can't wait to see them at Easter!

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