Tuesday, May 27, 2014


Okay, so I'm not the biggest Dino fan out there.  I know the few common dinosaurs that there are, but when you came out of your room after Dino Dan today, this is kinda how the conversation went...

Jaxon: 😄 Hey Mommy, I learnt about a new dinosaur today that I had never known before!

Mommy :😤 Oh wow, what was it?

Jaxon : ( sounds like ) Stidjamolick 😁

Mommy : 😖 What now?

Jaxon : 😊 Stidjamolick

Mommy : 😳 Can you say that again?


Mommy : I'm sorry, little boy, I didn't get that. 😓 Can you repeat that?

Jaxon : 😒   S T I D J A M O L I C K !!

Mommy :  😌 Oh, er, okay.


 photo StygimolochDTC.jpg

Good Grief, No WONDER I couldn't get it. I have never in my life heard of this creature, what with my limited Dino exposure ( read : Jurassic Park ). GREAT JOB little boy!!!!

Monday, May 26, 2014

Confidence and Milestones

Now that you are getting bigger and taller, you are so much more confident in using the playground equipment.  You used to be wary of some things - i always think it is my fault, having been a "helicopter parent" a lot of your life.  Even now, I always tell you I always need to be able to see you, when we are out.

 photo Jaxons-Blog_zps7d96acff.jpg

You derive a great sense of achievement when you are able to accomplish something on your own.

 photo Jaxons-Blog2_zpsde41156d.jpg

I see you walking nonchalantly up this thing down here, and I can remember when you were horrified/terrified by it :)

 photo Jaxons-Blog1_zpsacfa1aa4.jpg

One of the things that people ask us about, when they find out that you are home schooled, they almost always bring up the "how about socialisation" part.  To me, you are very well adjusted that way.  Whenever there are kids at the park, you have no problem playing with them at all.  You are always sweet and kind to them. :)

 photo Jaxons-Blog3_zpsb545ba2a.jpg

Sunday, May 25, 2014

Virtual Sports

I got the "Kinect Sports" game for our Xbox some time ago, and at first you were a little intimidated by a few of the games on there, but now you ask to play Baseball, Golf, Soccer, Football and several more.

Of course it cannot be compared with getting out there with bat and glove in hand and whatnot, but for now, this brings you lots of fun and you have learnt a bunch of the lingo and rules of the different games :)

 photo April-13b_zps0a083a72.jpg

Of course, you also do the (almost) real deal games too...

 photo April-13_zps03b817b2.jpg

Saturday, May 24, 2014


Reading Peanuts while chowing down on sample popcorn at Sam's Club.  How can it get any better...

Saturday, May 17, 2014


Ever since you were a little boy,  you have always had this Flintstonesque revving up before you start running.  We've caught it several times "on tape",  and now I'm sharing it with the world. LOL



Okay, so I splurged and PURCHASED a Chinese Learning app for Kids, which seemed to work for you, after doing their trial thing, which you enjoyed tremendously.  Now, as with everything else that is to be learned and remembered, I need to make sure we repeat repeat repeat practice practice practice.


Jaxon : (blah blah blah etc so on and so forth) .. and then he gets hurt all over and at the hospital they have to wrap him up in toilet paper.

Mummy: eh?? Do you mean bandages?

Jaxon : oh right.

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Cindy arrived safely!

Cindy called us from Africa yesterday to let us know that she had arrived safely and was in the process of settling in.

 photo Current-Folder2_zpsb462995c.jpg

We usually don't have time to go to Starbucks after grocery shopping, but last week, we decided to forgo the grocery shopping and chill at Starbucks instead, seeing how Cindy would be leaving the next day.

 photo Current-Folder1_zps0b2991a6.jpg

Cindy has always said I was more like a daughter to her and you were like one of her grandchildren.  I'm glad you have such an amazing "substitute" grandmother who adores you and whom you adore. :)

 photo Current-Folder_zpsddf00b04.jpg

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Benedict Cumberganger

Your Aunt Marsha and Dorrie from Walmart both think you look like Benedict Cumberbatch.

I suppose I could see a resemblance.

Remember the time I thought you might look a bit like Charlie McDermott?

Well, there are people out there who think that Charlie could be a teenage version of Benedict!