Thursday, May 1, 2014


In a week and a half, Cindy will be leaving to go do mission work in Africa, long term.  She will only be back once a year for a little bit.  You have known this for over a month now, and you always get sad and cry whenever you think about it. 

You told me today, "It is May, right, mommy?", and when I said that it WAS May, you had tears in your eyes, and said, "That means in 10 days Cindy will be leaving".

Besides Mommy and Daddy, Cindy is the next closest person to your heart.  We all love Cindy so much, and will miss her so, but to a little boy who is so close to his Aunt Cindy, it can be quite devastating.

I try to reassure you that we will be able to skype with her and send emails, but you know that it won't be the same, and you still feel sad.  My heart breaks for you, and I do wish we could have her with us all the time as well.  She is so wonderful, and loves and adores you so much.

I don't look forward to having to console you at the airport or each time you think of her after that.


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