Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Scavenger Hunt around the Ol' Plantation

We were reading "The Salamander Room" last week, and part of the activities that we did was go on a scavenger hunt around our place.  So, early one morning, with clipboard and pencil in hand, we put our sleeves, caps and long pants on, and then we were off on a grand adventure.

You pretty much wanted me to take a picture of everything on the list and more, and it was amazing how much diversity you can find in a few acres, and we didn't even walk through that much of it.


 photo Jaxons-Blog3_zps1bd9921c.jpg


 photo Jaxons-Blog5_zpsf2249aa5.jpg

Homes and Habitats

 photo Jaxons-Blog4_zps65388086.jpg

Creepy Crawlies and Flyers

 photo Jaxons-Blog1_zpscf1ec15b.jpg

Greenery of Various Shapes and Sizes

 photo Jaxons-Blog2_zps4be30a88.jpg

We went out two mornings in a row, and you were pretty excited at checking off the er, checklist and even taking some pictures yourself!

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