Thursday, July 17, 2014

Dino Week

This week we have been doing work around a Dinosaur Theme.

  photo IMG_20140716_111617_zps16cae0b9.jpg

We have been doing art, math, language arts, science and whatnot, around the theme of dinosaurs and fossils.

 photo PhotoGrid_1405530794907_zpsd7885115.jpg

You loved the two dinosaurs I got for you from the Dollar Tree, and kept making them fight and do silly wrestling moves.

  photo PhotoGrid_1405552332196_zps6d8f12e1.jpg

Then, we got some of daddy's coffee grounds and made some salt dough clay fossils :)

 photo IMG_20140715_084431_zps1b2ac34a.jpg 

Last but not least ( at least for the moment, since it is only Wednesday ) is our Paper Mache Dinosaur that we are taking several days to complete.  It is all dry and is awaiting a coat of paint.

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