Monday, July 21, 2014


We learned about amphibians and reptiles about a month ago, and at that point, I was thinking, "Yeah, right. This is drought-raged Texas.  When am I going to be able to be at a place where we can actually have a real live toad to observe."

Well, God works in mysterious ways, and a couple of weeks ago, we had some massive rain storms, and lo and behold, I was stepping out of the RV one night, and who should be sitting just right at the steps, but Toady.

 photo P7019445_zps846a9d0b.jpg

I mean, seriously.   It was like someone had placed him there for us. "See his eardrums, Jaxon? See his bumpy skin? See his eyes and webbed feet?" LOL

  photo P7019462_zpsaf43cea7.jpg

I quickly went and got a bottle to "catch" him in, and found some little roly bugs for his dinner.

  photo P7019454_zpsb95473ae.jpg

We put him up in our old terrarium for a few days while we "studied" and observed him, and he didn't seem too worse for the wear when we finally released him, about 4 days later, after another rain shower.

 photo PhotoGrid_1404416287813_zps77a396fc.jpg

I was glad we could release him back into some water/puddle as I did not want to keep him out of his natural surroundings longer than was necessary.  You had fun watching him swim back and forth in the puddle before he finally hopped off into the sunset. :)

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