Sunday, August 17, 2014

Just being a little boy

Okay then, let's recap.

In JUNE ( yes, JUNE! ), we did a bunch of stuff outdoors because the weather was nice, and the bugs were not out in force just yet...

ALAS, right now the temperature is in the 100s, and the gnats are eating us alive. *sigh*.

But back to happier outdoor memories....

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I did post about playing in muddle puddles one other time, but we had a few pretty significant storms in June, and here's one where we even got your beach stuff and little sailboat out.

 photo For-Ross_zpsfe43a315.jpg

 photo For-Ross2_zps605895e4.jpg

 photo For-Ross10_zpsdae4f42a.jpg

Yes, that there is a pretty big rut in our driveway. *sigh*

We brought ( and still bring ) Henry and Jasper for evening walks almost every day..

You went through a phase where you wanted to hold Henry's leash, which I gladly let you do.  Right now, you ask to walk by yourself, exerting your independence. *sigh*

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Usually when we got back from walking the dogs, we would kick the soccer ball around for a few minutes before going in for a bath/shower.

You went through a phase as well, where you wanted to be the goalie each time :)

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One day, I got some old Sobe bottles and socks, and we went outside to blow sudsy snakes out on the yard.  You thought that was super quaint and amusing.

  photo For-Ross6_zps5511efea.jpg

 photo For-Ross9_zpse193e7b7.jpg

And of course, it wouldn't be right NOT to put any suds on your head. :)

 photo For-Ross8_zpsc75d9376.jpg

Check out the double barrel move. :)

 photo For-Ross7_zps3a6efab9.jpg

Of course, we still read a lot - you like to have some of our library books in the car for when you are traveling down the road, and get me to rotate these out once in a while.

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We haven't really taken much of a break as far as school work goes.  I mean, we are pretty flexible with the hours and whatnot, and as long as we are consistent and learning along, and having a good time at it, I'm happy.

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