Tuesday, August 26, 2014

"First Day of School" - yes, in Quotation Marks.

This week marked a milestone for us.

I know we have been doing homeschool for AGES now,

but Monday was when children your age OFFICIALLY start Kindergarten.

 photo DSC_1005_zps705e5f92.jpg

The compulsory 1st Day of School Photo :)

So many thoughts, worries, aspirations and plans are running through my head, but I will set them aside for now and embrace the ever evolving sweet, kind, awesome little boy that you are.

Whenever we meet anyone and they ask what grade you are in, you would say, "I go to HomeSchool". Seriously, even I am not quite certain what grade level you should be in, we started this journey so long ago.  You can read at several grades higher than you are, and your math skills astound me sometimes as well.  But at the core of it, you are an amazing little boy with such curiosity and a thirst for learning and soaking everything up, even when we don't realise it.

 photo Current-Folder_zps7d6e47a8.jpg

I suppose now when someone asks you what grade you are in, you can say, "Homeschool Kindergarten".  :)

And our schoolroom? Ta Dah! I know... you gotta work with what you have... when we need a larger space for work, we fold up your bed and get the folding table out. Hooah!

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