Monday, November 10, 2014

Veterans Day

This year we are handling a few more topics than we did last year, and Veterans Day is one of them. I think you are a little more mature this year, and can understand a little bit more about topics like war and sacrifice and honor.

After we had read several books on Veterans Day, you asked if you could write a letter to a veteran.
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Then, we talked about how Grandad had gone to enlist, he had been turned away for health reasons. He had had old football injuries to his knees, and them knees thought that that was the perfect time to get all swollen and inflamed.

He did however, contribute to the war effort by working at a North American Aviation in Inglewood, California during the war, and assembled B 52 bombers .

I miss Grandad.  Apparently he had mellowed a lot by the time I got to know him, but he was a sweet sweet man who had great pride in his family and his life, and he ADORED you. I am so glad you at least got to spend a few years with him and vice versa.

Okay, now my heart is aching and I had better stop before I am a complete mess.

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