Wednesday, December 17, 2014

A Rare Evening Walk

We don't go out at night much.  It is even rarer for us to be out of the vehicle IF we ARE out, and WALKING around.

That evening, we had been by the Abilene Public Library, and Daddy was watching A Very Important Football Game on his phone.

So, we took a stroll at Everman Park downtown while Daddy watched the last bits of the game.

 photo PB291742_zps6abf9b72.jpg

We had been to the park on numerous occasions, but never in the evening. 

 photo PB291748_zpsae02c31e.jpg

We were greeted by The Man in The Moon from the William Joyce novels, in the parking lot.

 photo PB291746_zps5fa7d267.jpg

The buildings had festive Christmas lights going, which was so pretty.

 photo PB291753_zpsa4a53f4e.jpg

 photo PB291751_zps8a620746.jpg

 photo PB291797_zps1052baee.jpg

They had a bunch of colored lights going in the park, and the effect was well, colorful, if not a little jarring. :)

 photo PB291762_zps4028b926.jpg

Of course, you wanted to stop at EVERY Seuss character statue and take pictures. AND read every inscription/information thingy.

 photo CurrentFolder1_zps360eec28.jpg

 photo CurrentFolder_zps7eba18e5.jpg

You also couldn't resist jumping into the  bronze boat with the children from the book, Santa Calls, which is set in Abilene.

 photo PB291756_zps940ff101.jpg

 photo PB291780_zps64588a37.jpg

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