Saturday, December 20, 2014

Christmas Nook

Our house is quite small, and so there can't really be a Christmas nook - even though we DO have a Christmas Tree up, and especially not with rambunctious dogs and cats around.

So, in the RV, we have a little Christmas Corner, where all things Christmas reside.
  photo DSC_0334_zps6c2a4758.jpg
I had saved the gingerbread houses we had made from last year, and most of them survived storage pretty well.
  photo DSC_0336_zps28b6b01b.jpg
Next, came the bow-ridden faucet :)
  photo DSC_0344_zps1d16e622.jpg
We had painted a few smooth stones and one of them was Christmas-sy, and so they got added on too.
  photo IMG_20141209_111348_429_zpscc55ca5e.jpg
After we got our little RV Christmas Tree in a pot, we rearranged things around a little bit so that the plants would get plenty of sunshine.
  photo IMG_20141209_111449_285_zps1a4c4e01.jpg
We added a 2 snowmen having a feast, and a couple of Santas,
  photo IMG_20141209_111424_380_zps81c14e1c.jpg
The Grinch and Max, his dog,
  photo IMG_20141209_111329_047_zps3ce663be.jpg
and Voila! :)

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